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Here at Neurological Specialists P.C., our practice is committed to providing our patients with superior neurological care in our state-of-the-art facility. Our friendly staff is proud of the relationships we have established with our patients, and we look forward to building lasting relationships with every patient we meet.  We are an INDEPENDENT practice, privately owned since 1963 that is affiliated with Yale, HHC, Community Medical Group and Griffin Hospital amongst others. Unlike other institutions, we do not charge outpatient “facility fees” that make medical bills hyperinflated, reducing the overall cost of healthcare to patients and insurers alike!

Dedicated to Excellence

We hold every aspect of our practice to a high level of excellence. This includes our commitment to quality care, our state of the art equipment, health and safety protocols, and our neurological services. Our goal is to provide every patient an optimal experience.

Experienced Physicians

Every physician at our practice has extensive education and clinical training, as well as specialized training in their areas of expertise. Our group of board-certified professionals holds membership and fellowships in several professional organizations. Our physicians possess an unmatched drive to improve their medical knowledge and frequently attend society meetings and conferences to learn about the latest neurological advancements. We offer these advanced technologies and techniques to our patients, ensuring they are receiving the highest quality care.

Patient Education

One of the key elements in preventing the progression of a health problem is patient education. We strongly believe that patient education is one of the most important parts of our suite of services. In addition to speaking with our patients during exams, we have a supply of educational materials in our office. We are always encouraging patients to read about their conditions so they can play an active role in their treatment.

Our Team

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Lawrence S Beck M.D.
Dr. Lisa Webb
Lisa B Webb M.D.
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Yaniv Chen M.D.
Azimuddin Kazi M.D.
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Alexandra Marques, PA

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First time appointment reservation fee/no show fee 

Neurological Specialists (NSPC) is implementing a new appointment reservation fee policy starting February 1st, 2022. Moving forward, clients booking a first-time appointment will be charged a 50$ charge to reserve their appointment. When clients show up for their appointment the fee will be applied as credit for a copay or deductible, or if there is no balance, refunded or used for future credit